Our Services

We want you to meet us and feel comfortable right away, and excited to get started.  Wedding planning does not have to be stressful but a creative process of planning along side professionals and family.  While your planner taps into your overall vision, keeping an organized plan in place you are free to enjoy the process of shopping for attire, emailing your thoughts and decisions along the way and still maintaining your work, passion and family life.

We offer two packages because we like to keep it simple but still remain flexible in the services we offer.  If you are in need of a creative partner, or more wedding planning help along the way we will customize a package that’s right for you.  If you only need a month of coordinator and have the planning under control we are happy to help.


Wedding Planning  

Our most popular package encompasses the best support for planning your wedding.  Our wedding planning package will start by getting to know you through phone calls, online tools and in person meetings if possible.  Getting a good idea of your vision for your wedding day, and an overall plan for the whole weekend.  We know a destination wedding is allot more than just the day alone.  Where will your guests stay?  Do you need transportation?  What about lighting?  All these questions are answered so you can enjoy the fun part of planning like shopping for your wedding attire, and developing your vision.  We can customize each package to fit the services you need.  

Helping You Find A Venue

Event Design

Guest Accomodations

Team Building

Budget Maintenance

Interactive Checklist

Detailed Timeline

CAD Layout

Online Wedding Workspace

Wedding Rental Sourcing and Organization


Event Design and Month Of Coordination


If you feel like building your wedding team and keeping everything organized is your strong suit, but the creative side of things is something you lack, this package may be perfect for you.  Finding a creative partner that can work alongside you and guide you through our design process will only make your wedding that much more memorable.  We can get great local prices, provide you with unique rental pieces, tables, chairs, lighting and be your month of coordinator as well.  


Month of Planning


There is no one more equipped to handle the day.  We are a strong force on site making sure everything is being done correctly and on point of our clients vision.  On time, structured, organized and ready.  While we remain behind the scenes, you can enjoy your day.

Wedding Day Timeline

Detailed Vendor Communication

Payment Reminders

On site to receive all deliveries

Handle onsite setup

Orchestrate all wedding traditions

Pack up brides decor and important belongings


Bridal Salon and Florist 

We offer floral design, mock table set ups, linens, table and chair rentals as well as all the little items you may need such as card boxes, table numbers, boutique snack bars, signage, lighting and more . The selection is ever growing so come in and see what’s new!