2018 Florida Keys Wedding Trends

For the bride looking to see whats hot in the Florida Keys wedding trends we've got you covered.  



BRIGHT COLORS VERSES GREEN AND WHITE.  Recently, its been hard these days for brides to decide if they want to have a fun, tropical chic wedding with lots of bold colors or the classic, tropical and seamless colors of predominantly greens and whites.  Let me tell you, both are beautiful choices of themes and it can be hard to decide, especially if you see your self in both trends.  Some ways to help you decide on your wedding day vision is:


  • Ask you and your spouse what you ultimately want your wedding day to feel like.  Do you want a more high energy party or a more relaxing feel to your night?  Bright colors, fun pineapples and other wedding decor items can reflect the feel of the wedding and choosing the theme based on what you ultimately want will help you decide.  
  • Look at the wedding dress styles that you are attracted to most.  Since wedding dress shopping is on the top of the list, this can be a huge indicator of what style you are truly attracted to.  If you are looking for a wedding dress with pockets, then maybe your wedding theme can go in the direction of a fun, fresh with surprising detail throughout.  If you are attracted to a more classic feel of a dress, then the more subdued, romantic feel to a wedding may be a better fit.  

MACRAME.  This beautiful fabric is making a come back from the 70's and its going to be beautiful!   Macrame bouquet wraps to table runners and backdrops, its the perfect way to infuse the boho chic meets keys classic.



EDIBLE CENTERPIECES.  Okay were not talking about dinner here, but we are are talking about infusing fruits and vegetables into your look.  Why not use the very thing that gives you your inspiration for color.  If you love pineapples, why not place them in their glory on the center of your table!  Pair with a monstera leaf, a coral charm peony and a pop of gold and you have perfected the keys tropical chic look.  If the deep color of eggplant and beets is what you love, why not use the actual color in your story.  While on the beach, the use of coconuts, pineapples and limes paired with metallic are going to be and have already been making a huge statement.


MODERN GOLD.  Gold seems to be the choice of metallic but not that traditional patterned gold that reminds you of your grand mothers china.  The clean, soft modern style of gold is what's hot right now.  Infusing gold into the wedding decor seems to be a trend that will not be dying down anytime soon.  Gold and glass particularly are paring well with all looks.  Gold and glass table number, card box, votive holders and charger plates.  Gold wedding decor is going to be a strong theme in  2018Florida Keys Wedding trends.

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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in The Florida Keys?

When planning a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, price becomes the main factor when starting to plan.  When deciding to hire a wedding planner, one of the first questions you're probably going to want to know is how much does a wedding planner cost?  Although this is a hard question to answer I will do my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.  Investing in a wedding planner is similar to investing in a great skin care product line.  With so many options available, prices can vary drastically.

Eminence face cream is one price, but when you purchase the suggested serum together with it, the price almost doubles.  But why do people want to purchase the serum?  Because they want to the best results possible and don't want any regrets down the road.  Because so many people want amazing skin they are always on the hunt for the best product.

The same principal applies to when hiring a planner.  You're only going to plan your wedding once, and doing it right from the beginning will be the best way to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Unfortunately, some people only look for the cheapest price ultimately sacrificing, a lower day of management team, overall esthetic, and the potential success of their most memorable day.  

Some of the most common services of a wedding planner are:

  • Budget Planning
  • Layout made
  • Timeline 
  • Arranging guest accommodations
  • Website building
  • Invitations and stationary design 
  • Wedding team building 
  • Design and overall aesthetic 
  • Payment reminders
  • Rental sourcing 
  • Transportation organization
  • Wedding weekend planning
  • Checklist reminders
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • Day of coordination 

As you can see there are many services we offer that can affect the price and when someone inquires we need to know what services you are looking for, and where you are in the planning process already.  When someone inquires into how much our services cost, the extent of the services needed is a key factor.  As  company, we have a month of coordination, partial planning, full planning and design and coordination.  We try to be flexible with the services you need leading to more savings and better value.

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Beach Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips.

When planning your destination wedding, hair and makeup tends not get the planning attention it deserves, especially when planning a beach wedding.  As a wedding planner in the Florida Keys, Ive seen a few hair and makeup mishaps and I've come to know of some great tips id love to share.

1.  Hair and Makeup Trial is a must.  Its important to not only spend the time to meet your hair and makeup artist, but to take the time to have a trail run.  Firstly, your hair and makeup artist will be with you getting ready for a long time on your wedding day.  Make sure you get along, and you like their presence.  Out of all the wedding vendors you hire, you will most likely be spending the most time with this person, especially if you have a large bridal party.  The trail isn't really to make sure this person can successfully braid your hair to the side.  Chances are you are hiring a professional and they will be at a professional skill level.  You want to have a trial run so you can test out the makeup they use to make sure it suits your skin and to make sure it lasts.  You also want to make sure the look you are envisioning on yourself actually looks good.  Allot of times the style will change in the trial because the look really wasn't suiting for their hair type.  



2.  Design your hair and makeup style to go with the look of your wedding.  If you are going for a classic, romantic wedding design, you might want to encompass that in your look.  A good way to grasp ideas that would suit your look would be to consult with both your designer and your photographer.  Allot of the times, photographers get overlooked as a good source of design advice.  Since they are always the one shooting the wedding couples, they may be able to let you know what style of makeup would look best with what you are trying to achieve. 



3.  Matte verses Shiny.  I would always suggest to go with a more matte look when it comes to beach/outdoor weddings in the Florida Keys.  Having that dewy glowing skin is a beautiful look, but when you are already out in the sun, its best to start with a matte look in case you actually start to get hot.  Also, blotting tissues does wonders for touch ups before pictures, and it tones down that sweaty look you can get while under the sun taking pictures.


For more tips and tricks, contact Blue Water Weddings to help plan and design your beach wedding in the Florida Keys.


Fun Advice for Your Destination Wedding Save the Dates

Showing your guests a unique experience is one of the bonuses to hosting a wedding. Your save the date card is the first impression your guests will receive, and making a lasting impression starts with the first piece of mail.  Making your destination wedding card feel like the start of a fun adventure is the goal. When your guests realize a vacation is on the horizon an excited momentum for your destination wedding will be created.  Common Florida Keys travel themed save the dates would include a boarding pass in a ticket sleeve, or a gold key accompanied by key lime candies.  A leather luggage tag save the date placed in a map lined box, or something beach themed is a perfect way to encourage guests to begin making their vacation plans.  Using your engagement photos as a post card is a great destination save the date idea.  All of these ideas can be carried throughout the wedding theme.  If you used a luggage tag save the date you can do a boarding pass seating chart.  Or if you used a key charm save the date you can incorporate keys into the place settings and with in the overall design.  Your engagement photos can be printed and placed throughout the reception area to further personalize your wedding and the list goes on.

To be more specific, your save the date will include basic information of your wedding like your names, the date and wedding location.  The location of the venue doesn’t have to named on the save date, just the area.  So if you are getting married at a resort in Key Largo, you can simply put Save The Date, Jan 19 2018, Key Largo.  One of the most important pieces of information to include would be your wedding website. 

The wedding website will be made right after you have secured room blocks for you guests.  This is the place that guests will go to start planning their trip and having a clear indication of how to do that should be on the website.  Things like transportation companies, directions from the airport, activities to do while down there, places to eat, places to shop, spas, babysitting services, events you may be planning outside of the wedding as well.  The website is a work in progress so don’t worry if its not complete by the time you you’re your save the dates out.  Just get the accommodations and a basic list of things to see and do before sending out your save the dates. Since your destination wedding invitation goes out about 3 months before, allowing your guests to get a head start in planning their trip is important.   Your website can also allow your guests to rsvp even before they get the invitation which is always great for planning.

Try to also infuse your color palette in your travel theme save the dates, as this will give your wedding guests another clue to the feel you are going for.  If you are going for a formal setting, your save the date would have a more modern tone to it, usually encompassing more shades than colors.   And visa versa.  If you don’t know what colors you are going for, using an engagement photo is a great way to avoid having to choose a theme. 

The budget should be taken into consideration, as there are so many things to consider investing in.  You want your save the date to make an impression right away, but if you want to invest in a band with the ultimate lighting package, then consider doing something fun, but low key. 



Marianne, the brides mother found these key bottle opener keepsakes at a local Florida Keys Shop.  She loved the gold and thought it would be a fun surprise for guests to receive these in a box, lined with a picture of the bride and groom that had the date and location on it.  The box also contained their favorite florida keys key lime candy.  

Marianne, the brides mother found these key bottle opener keepsakes at a local Florida Keys Shop.  She loved the gold and thought it would be a fun surprise for guests to receive these in a box, lined with a picture of the bride and groom that had the date and location on it.  The box also contained their favorite florida keys key lime candy.  


Brittany and Dan used a post card save the date and placed a heart on the exact location on the map where they will be tying the knot.  So cute!

Katie and Greg had a strict budget but found this great vendor who made these leather save the dates that were sent in a box with a post card of a map of the keys.  Katie found a local lady to engrave them for her.  They said Pack your Bags & Save our Date.  The date, the location and the website.  Great job Katie!

Katie and Greg had a strict budget but found this great vendor who made these leather save the dates that were sent in a box with a post card of a map of the keys.  Katie found a local lady to engrave them for her.  They said Pack your Bags & Save our Date.  The date, the location and the website.  Great job Katie!

These fun boarding pass save the dates followed by their destination wedding invite let guests know how fun and laid back the wedding would be.  It was a such a beautiful night!

These fun boarding pass save the dates followed by their destination wedding invite let guests know how fun and laid back the wedding would be.  It was a such a beautiful night!


Here at Blue Water Weddings we help guide our wedding couples so their guests have an experience to remember from start to finish.  We know how important your dream wedding is, and bringing two families together to help create those memories with you is our true purpose and drive. 

Post Irma Wedding Venues in the Florida Keys

Post Irma Florida Keys Wedding Venues.

I’m sure anyone currently looking to get married in the Florida Keys is reminded and wondering of the recent storm damage of Hurricane Irma.  Places like Big Pine Key  were severely damaged and still in need of help.  Weddings as of now are being held mostly from Key Largo to Islamorada and also in Key West.  Respecting the heavily hit areas is important the the local community but at the same time we are a tourist area with many small business owners that are back up and running.  With the wedding industry being so popular in the Florida Keys, guests bring much needed business to the community.  With fishing, water sports, restaurants and transportation all catering to our wedding guests and tourists we want to be able to show them the keys is still the same amazing place it always was.

Hotels in the Florida Keys that were located on the Ocean Side were hit the worst and remain closed until 2018.  Luckily for Blue Water Weddings we were able to re-located allot of our weddings.  In most cases there was no need to cancel any weddings in the Florida Keys at all.  Luckily, there are many privately owned resorts in the keys that have reopened to tourists and are welcoming the overflow of business coming their way.  Fantasy Fest which took place in Key West was also a positive reminder that the Florida Keys is open for business.  Small resorts, private homes and hotels on the bayside (sunset side) are currently hosting weddings and have been since the keys was reopened.  If you are looking for a place to get married in the Florida Keys below is a list of some wonderful spots to consider.  


Largo Resort 

A private oasis on the bay side that sleeps 32 people.  1 main house and 6 cottages.  Luxury setting with a balinese beach design setting.  Pool, water toys, valet parking, breakfast and housekeeping included.  A must see!

Atlantic Bay Resort

A private Inn with 19 rooms this Florida Keys Inn represents what the keys is all about.  Its natural charm and great reviews on line speak for its self.  


Coconut Palm Inn

18 rooms each with their private patios looking on to the Bay this is one of Blue Water Weddings most popular beach venues.  It embodies the elegance of the Florida Keys with a load back atmosphere.  Perfection!

Serenity Cay

A privately owned house in the heart of Islamorada located on the bayside is a stunning property with epic sunset views.  It comes with a luxury 2 bedroom bridal suite, outdoor kitchen and ceremony pier with a beach and infinity pool.  

Islamorada Beach House

This privately owned house on the Oceanside has a beautiful expansive beach and a trendy beach house looking over the Ocean.  Located in islamorada.

Sunset Reef House

Equipped with a beautiful dock, pool, lawn and outdoor kitchen this backyard venue is perfect for an intimate boutique wedding.


One of the most beautiful places on the keys, Pierres views will take your breath away.  Their beautifully designed dinner and reception area will impress anyone.  Pierres is a restaurant and one of the most popular wedding venues in the keys.

Caribbean Resort

With tropical southern char, the landscaping alone is enough to make your jaw drop.  with 13 villas and multiple event spaces, this is a must see.  

Angler House Marina

More equipped for an intimate wedding or welcome dinner this marina has a tiki hut large enough for 50-100 people, and a pool area that is so charming.  A marina by day and venue by night, there tiki bar and grounds are so fun to explore. 

Amara Cay Resort

Located Oceanside this chic boutique style hotel is great for the couple looking for a wedding package or a place to have guests stay during the wedding weekend.

Southern Diversion Islamorada

Newly renovated Islamorada beach house comes with an expansive beach, dock, and covered area for back up plan.  Its stunning and I wouldn't miss out exploring this as an option for your florida keys wedding venue.

Southern Diversion Marathon

For larger families this multiple home property can sleep 18 on the bayside (sunset side).  3 pools, a large beach and a winding driveway this property is one of our favorites.


We hope this helps you get started in the finding your Florida Keys wedding venue.  Feel free to give us a call for a complimentary consultation to get more information about our wedding venues.  Bringing people together is what we love to do! For further help, be sure to contact Blue Water Weddings to help plan your Florida Keys Destination Wedding!  

Largo Resort, Key Largo

Largo Resort, Key Largo

Coconut Palm Inn, Tavernier 

Coconut Palm Inn, Tavernier 

Pierres, Islamorada. Photo Credit: Michelle Marsh Photography.

Pierres, Islamorada. Photo Credit: Michelle Marsh Photography.

Caribbean Resort, Islamorada 

Caribbean Resort, Islamorada 

Bob Care-28.jpg

Why To Plan Your Destination Wedding in The Florida Keys

Weddings in the Florida Keys have been growing tremendously because of its unique location and memorable guest experience it offers.  It’s that excuse for people to finally go visit the Florida Keys!  They make a vacation out of it, and usually always plan to make it down to Key West sometime during the wedding weekend.   This flip flop friendly piece of land nestled at the most southern part of Florida is close to an hour drive from Miami airport.  There is also an airport in Key West and Marathon.  With the many transport services including uber, getting down to the Florida Keys is easier than ever.  Driving through you may not see what lays behind the tree lined streets.  Sure enough behind every corner is a new experience.   You just need to know where to go.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.59.33 AM.png

Usually arriving on a Friday your guests are greeted with a welcome bag containing the itinerary of the weekends events and a few local treats to start off.  Salt scrub and key lime cookies are popular along with all the appropriate hangover remedies like water, Advil and well needed sunscreen.   The itinerary will let you know to meet somewhere local for a sunset dinner on the beach.  BBQ and locally caught fresh fish would be a popular choice of menu for the welcome dinner.  Guests are greeted warmly, and the night begins with family reunions, great food, and a picture perfect sunset.  Not a bad start right?


The wedding is the next day and the guests would usually have to start getting ready at about 3:00pm – 4:00 pm to make it to the wedding.  Poolside in the late morning followed by lunch with family and friends at a local keys restaurant.  The keys trolley or limo would pick you up if the wedding is off site and whisk you away to a private boutique beach retreat for the evening.  Starting with a welcome cocktail, the sound of a local guitarist or steel drummer is inviting and reminds you that you are far away from home in a destination paradise.  Seeing all the familiar faces is the beginning of another great evening.   After a great night of celebrating the nuptials everyone would typically meet up the next morning for breakfast and then a couple of excursions.  Some may want to take the party bus or private tour to Key West, while others may want to go fishing or snorkeling.  One of the more popular group activities are renting boats with captains to take people to the sand bar for our famous sand bar Sunday party.  This is an unforgettable Florida Keys experience. 


Monday morning has come too fast and you are checking out of your hotel and heading back to your home town, what a weekend!  You leave knowing you’ve bonded with people you may not see again until the next family reunion and carry those special memories with you forever.  Deciding to have a wedding in the Florida Keys is a special decision because you are placing your self in the hearts and thoughts of everyone you care about. 


In our experience one of the major priorities for a wedding couple is guest experience.  Hosting a wedding in the Florida Keys is not about the size of your cake.  Its about family, friends, showing your guests a unique experience and realizing there is already so much planned that your guests will be have allot to do.  Couples may feel pressure about showing their guests a good time which is why one of the hotel resorts are such an attractive option.  However, finding a private beach house or privately owned resort can create a more unique experience for your guests.  You can enjoy a long weekend in a private retreat with your family and friends.  You can caterer all events on the property and enjoy the company of your guests for the whole weekend.  Or you can choose to breakaway and explore.  The weekend goes by so fast that lounging by the pool and enjoying the company of other guests is perfect and needed to recover from all the fun.   

Naomi and Jason-891.JPG

From the beginning of the booking process to the end of the event, hiring a creative partner to help you build your overall wedding weekend vision is an important part of planning.  Having a local advocate while planning from home will only strengthen your wedding design and overall experience.  Blue Water Weddings specializes in helping you plan it all.   Our purpose is bringing people together to create memories that will last a life time.  Multiple wedding guest excursions, sand bar parties, welcome dinners, your blissful wedding night, lots of laughs, tons of memories and you can do it all under the stars on the beach at one of the many Florida Keys Wedding Venues. (See our previous blog post for a list of venues)  Beach weddings are popular here and even planning an intimate ceremony for two is easy and convenient.  Julia and the wedding team are here to help!

Florida Keys Weddings. The Why.

For the engaged couples out there thinking about having a destination wedding, and the Florida Keys is on the list of places to check out, then you have come to the right place!  As a Wedding Planner in the Florida Keys, I can tell you some of the great reasons why the keys is currently a hot spot for your destination wedding.

1.  Location, Location, Location

No passport required to get to this island paradise!  With the nearest international airport being Miami, your guests wont be disappointed to hop on a plane to discover what the Florida Keys has to offer.  Its the furthest south you can reach making this another reason for guests to want to check this spot off their bucket list.  



2.  Laid Back Destination Wedding 

If you are a person who loves the water, the sun and feeling relaxed, The Florida Keys is your spot to tie knot.  After working so hard back home, there is nothing more pleasant then having your friends and family join you for your Florida Keys destination wedding weekend.  From the moment you reach Key Largo, you immediately feel more relaxed, and ready to for a day of fishing, enjoying the live music from the local cabana bar, or bbq'ing at your private oceanside home by the pool.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.54.11 PM.png

3.  Boutique Style Florida Keys Weddings

Your guests can stay at one of our amazing hotels, then have one of our local Florida Keys Transportation  companies take your guests to a surprise beach location!  You can customize your event just the way you like it making your destination wedding a perfect boutique affair.  The Florida Keys offers private homes to rent as well as Private Inns.  Hiring a wedding planner from the beginning will be the best investment to have a stress free wedding.


Call Blue Water Weddings to help you plan your destination wedding and event.

Photo Credit:  Adam Opris, Two Fish Weddings, 3rd Picture taken with an iPhone..#realwedding.

Wedding Venues in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys has been a growing destination event and wedding spot over the last few years. Blue Water Weddings has had the pleasure of being able to show brides some amazing Florida Keys Wedding venues to choose from.  The venue is so important as it sets the tone of the style and feel of the wedding you dream of.  Below are a handful of Florida Keys venues Blue Water Weddings has had the pleasure to work at.  They are in no particular order, but they all have their own unique style and offer guests a destination wedding experience to remember.




Coconut Palm Inn

This "private inn" concept to a destination event works perfectly for a wedding weekend.  You and your guests would have the Inn privately for the weekend, treating this Florida Keys Venue like your home for your guests to enjoy.  With 19 rooms, sleeping approx. 50 guests and inviting the rest to come on over to enjoy a BBQ pool side, fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking by day, this is the place to create memories.  Throughout the weekend enjoy your welcome dinner, then ceremony and reception all on the same property.  Located in Tavernier (Key Largo Venue), Coconut Palm Inn is a must see. 

coconut palm inn.jpg

Southern Diversion

This private home idea allows guests to stay together at a hotel for the weekend, but on the wedding night they enjoy the privacy of a boutique backyard style destination event.   At a private home, you can customize your event to exactly what you want, and save allot of money on the bar since you would be bringing that in on your own.  Located conveniently in Islamorada, this private home is one of Blue Water Weddings favorite spots.



La Siesta

La Siesta has the best of both worlds for weddings.  It offers a place where all of your guests can stay together in a hotel, but also offers the privacy of a home to rent on the same property.  They have numerous wedding packages for a boutique backyard wedding, or for the larger events, they have a beautiful ocean side Florida Keys beach.    A perfect Florida Keys Destination Wedding Venue.


La Siesta Beach.jpg

Pierres and Morada Bay Cafe

One of the most beautiful spots in all of the Florida Keys, Pierres and Morada Bay sit in the heart of Islamorada on the Bay side (sunset side).  This is a restaurant style destination venue so your guests can all stay at a hotel and enjoy the evening at another location.  The famous leaning palm, gourmet chefs and outstanding ambiance and views make this a must see for Islamorada Wedding Venues and destination events of any size.



Thank you to all the photographers that have helped along the way capture the beauty of these Florida Keys Wedding Venues.  Your destination event and wedding will be one to remember in the Florida Keys.  Be sure to contact Blue Water Weddings to help you find your destination wedding venue in the Florida Keys

Michelle March Photography

McLaughlin Photography

Bob Care Photography 

Jeff Kolody Photography

Woodland Fields Photography

Kristen Browning Photography



Wedding Signature Drinks

When planning a destination wedding, there is so much to think about.  After all, you want a unique experience for your guests, and creating those lasting memories is an important part of the entire wedding weekend.  Signature cocktails can be such a fun and easy way to have fun with your guests while at the same time implementing your own personal style and taste.

Here are a few examples of fun signature cocktails we have done here in the Florida Keys that taste great, look good and add to the style and theme of the wedding.


"Something Blue"

Setting the tone for a fun and laid back beach wedding, this joyful couple loved the ocean and wanted their guests to be entertained, starting with their first sip.

2oz. Mango Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

Splash of Club Soda

Yellow Sugar Rim

Something Blue.jpg


"Blushing Bride"

This classic couple wanted to use local Florida Keys limes and grapefruits in their drink.  The color looked stunning in their custom cups and the mint garnish was a perfect match for their garland centerpieces. 

2 ounces light rum

3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

1/2 ounce fresh grapefruit juice

1/2 ounce maraschino liqueur





Champagne a with Lavender Garnish

As guests arrived, we passed champagne with dried lavender in it.  It set the tone for a whimsical wedding and matched the pretty personality of the bride and wedding party.  

Champs and lavendar .jpg


Whisky Bar

For a late night surprise next to the fire, we set up this cute whiskey bar.  The groom and his friends loved it and it was a great way for all the whisky lovers at this destination wedding to bond around the fire pit.  We set up a smore's station for everyone else that wanted to enjoy something by the fire late night.  It was the best kept surprise to this Florida Keys Wedding! 

Whisky Bar.jpg
Whikey Bar:Signage .jpg
Smores Bar.jpg

Thank you to Mary Veal Photography,  Greg Poland Photography and Lauren Myers  for capturing all the details with your love and attention to detail.  

Source: www.blue-water-weddings.com

Serenity Cay, Islamorada Bayside Home. Stunning upscale wedding retreat.

Blue Water Wedding is excited to offer a new private property right in the heart of Islamorada.  This beautiful 3 acres on the sunset side is exactly what a Florida Keys Wedding is all about.  An upscale environment surrounded by endless nature, and the ability to customize every detail of your wedding through the local outside vendors they recommend.  A home to rent for 3 days and a bridal suite in a newly remodeled 2 bedroom home to stay in.  The main house is not to stay in but the bridal suite home is stunning.  If your getting married in the beautiful Florida Keys and want a stunning sunset wedding in the heart of Islamorada this property is for you.  Inquire with Blue Water Weddings or Caribbean Catering for more information about Serenity Cay

What To Know About Bustling Your Dress.

For brides that choose the long lace bustle or the shorter bustles that have the color coordinating loops to tie, here are some pieces of advise about preparing for your wedding day bustle.  Yes, you actually have to prepare for this.  You don't want to be a bride stuck in a hot bathroom for 45 minutes right before dinner with a handful of girls arguing about how the bustle should be done.  You need to be prepared because each bustle is different and can be very complex.

1.  Video

When going for your last fitting.  Make sure to take your maid/matron of honor with you or the person you feel can handle doing the bustle for you the night of.  When trying on your dress you'll look back at the seamstress while she effortlessly ties, snaps and pulls at your dress.  She will say 'its easy!' just look for the color coordinated strings and pull tie and snap!".  Not so fast!  Make sure your camera is out and on record when she shows you how the bustle is done.  You'll need that footage when the time comes.  If your bustle partner can't be there, have someone video it for you and send it to her to see and study.

2.  Practice

When your dress is at home, take 30 minutes to practice the bustle your self as well as with the person who will be helping you.  You will be grateful later when your first dance song is around the corner and you only have 10 minutes to freshen up.  Quick bustling saves time.  If your bustle partner can't attend this, have her practice the day before the wedding when she arrives.  I know its hard to have everyone where you want them to be, especially when planning a destination wedding.

3.  Call for back up

The person bustling will need a back up person to help hold the dress up and even help the bride freshen up.  This can be your coordinator or a friend.  Dont underestimate the team it takes to keep the bride happy and looking stunning at all times.

4.  Communicate to Your Coordinator 

If you have a complex bustle it would be wise to tell your coordinator this so she can schedule enough time for you to get ready for the next segway of the evening.  You really don't want to feel rushed and with the correct planning you wont.  Try to communicate how much time it takes to get the bustle done so things can run on time.

Blue Water Weddings loves this photo of an event we did when Carol bustled her dress on the beach in front of the light up cherry blossom tree.  You can tell she has a great team around her keeping her happy and looking fab!  Contact Blue Water Weddings for the guidance you need to plan your destination wedding in the Florida Keys.  


Photo Credit:  Caribbean Catering.

Create unique Save the Dates for your destination wedding

Destination weddings are amazing from many points of view. For the travellers and globetrotters, they are a great way to share a trip with their most beloved friends and relatives. For the adventure seekers, destination weddings are exciting and unforgettable. And for the glamour lovers, a destination wedding is one of the most luxurious, beautiful and magnificently elegant ways to celebrate such an important moment.

Regardless of what category you fall into, you will want your destination wedding to be remarkably gorgeous – and sending Save the Date cards that are unique, intriguing and full of personality is definitely part of your plan.

How to do it, though? How to choose Save the Dates that will really make your guests curious? We have gathered some inspiring ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       The message in a bottle. Although a bit more complicated to ship to each guest, a message in a bottle is a truly wonderful, romantic idea. Your guests will be absolutely charmed by these little bottles and the warm message in them.

·       The plane tickets. Design your Save the Dates as plane tickets to make them suit your “destination wedding” theme. This can be done very easily and it won’t need a very large budget either – so it’s more than worth considering it.

·       The postcard. If you want to make your guests dream of the gorgeous destination you have chosen, send them some personalized postcards from that destination. Just add your Save the Date info to the postcards and we guarantee the guests will love the idea!

Planning a wedding in Florida Keys? Blue Water Weddings knows exactly how to help you have a magically unforgettable Big Day! Contact us, let’s talk about your dream wedding and we will make it come true!

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How to Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony

There are many reasons why a couple might want to renew their vows. After years of marriage, you might think it’s fun or important to pledge your undying love to your spouse in public once again. Or, many of the people in your life – friends and family – may not have had the opportunity to be there when you were first married, and the renewal ceremony will give them a chance to celebrate your life with your spouse at this stage of the marriage.

If this really seems important to you, you really need to consider renewing your vows. The celebration can be elaborate if that’s what you desire. Or, it can be a modest event if that’s what you prefer. Making this decision all comes down to the wishes of each spouse.

No matter how you choose, we can still help you plan your vow renewal ceremony. Please use the following advice to the fullest.

Choose a Date for the Ceremony

It’s important to choose the perfect date to hold your vow renewal ceremony. And just like your wedding, picking the date is a fun and exciting part of the process.

In order to add a nice touch to the ceremony, you can choose an important date that you currently share as a couple. Maybe you’ll choose the date your first child was born. Or maybe you’ll choose the day that you were married. Think of the important dates and events in your life and use them as a guideline to choose the date for your vow renewal ceremony.

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Now that you’ve chosen the date for this amazing event, it’s now time to call on friends, family members, and social media contacts to help you host the perfect vow renewal ceremony.

An event like this can become quite expensive. But free fundraising makes it a heck of a lot easier to afford. Use all of the resources at your disposal – meaning the people that you know – and raise funds so that you can host the ideal event.

Pick a Location

Again, nostalgia can play a role when choosing the ceremony’s location. If it still exists, you may choose the location of your wedding. Or, you may have a favorite restaurant that you and your spouse love to go to and feel that it’s the ideal location for your upcoming vow renewal ceremony. Think about the most important venues in your life and consider one of them as the perfect location.

Find Your Original Vows/Create Your New Vows

If you have a written copy of your original marriage vows, and you want to recite them again, then there’s no need to write new vows for the ceremony.

On the other hand, if you cannot find your original marriage vows or prefer new ones, now’s the time to come up with the perfect vows for the ceremony.


Choose an Officiant

You can choose an officiant based on your religion or consider the person who originally married you to renew your vows.

Should You Invite Guests?

Is this going to be a small, intimate ceremony for the couple? Or is this going to be a huge event with hundreds of people? Decide and invite the appropriate number of guests.

Enjoy the Celebration!

If it’s an intimate affair, enjoy the celebration with your spouse and closest loved ones. If it’s a large event, have fun and enjoy the celebration with hundreds of your closest friends and family members. Just remember to have fun and appreciate the moment.

By: Wendy Dessler from OutreachMama


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Connect with your wedding DJ about your wedding ceremony music before booking them!

Your wedding ceremony is more than important for you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event and you really don’t want anything to spoil it. You want everything to be picture-perfect and absolutely dreamy – and this includes the music as well.

If you have chosen to hire a DJ for your wedding ceremony, make sure you connect with him before it, so that everything is flawless. What are some of the important discussions to have with your DJ before the ceremony? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       First of all, ask him if he has ever dealt with your wedding ceremony site (or anything similar). If he has, it means that he will know how to make sure the sound is perfectly heard from all corners of the site (so that it reaches all of your guests at the same quality).

·       Furthermore, ask about potential extra-rentals he may need. Most of the professional wedding DJs do have all the necessary equipment – but since it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, you should still ask him beforehand.

·       Also, ask about his ceremony repertoire. DJs who have worked at a lot of weddings have a no-fail list of songs that could give you some pretty good ideas too – so this is a very useful question to ask.

·       Last, but definitely not least, if you have a more unconventional ceremony song in mind, do make sure that your DJ will be able to play it. Talk to him about this, so that he knows how to prepare!

Blue Water Weddings can help you plan flawless weddings in Florida Keys – so if you’re on the lookout for a great wedding planner to help you pull together the ideal destination wedding, we are the answer. Contact us and find out more about our services!


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